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NLRB v. Walt Disney Productions

After Art Babbitt was laid off on November 24, 1941, the National Labor Relations Board sued Walt Disney Productions for discrimination. The trial was held over 7 days in October, 1942.

The testimony and evidence submitted by both sides is an invaluable peek into the workings of  the Disney studio during its golden age.

Because the case was repeatedly appealed, the entire file lay preserved deep in an archive at San Francisco's court of appeals.  It has never been shared publicly ......... until now.

Click below to explore the original testimony

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Don Thumb The Disney Revolt.png

Animation production drawings by Emery Hawkins from the Donald Duck  cartoon, Timber (1941).

SwetboxNotes thumb The Disney Revolt.png

The Training Program

Director Dave Hand's 1938 plan to grow Disney's in-studio art school

Training Thumb1 The Disney Revolt.png
Training Thumb2 The Disney Revolt.png
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