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The Disney Strikers

Here is the list of the Disney strikers as per July, 1941, according to documents obtained in the Canemaker Collection. 

Aliases, positions, and strike roles are included where known.

Click on some of the names to learn more about these strikers.

Abranz, Alfred, Assistant Animator
Alexander, Dick, Assistant
Amatuzio, Alexander “Alex,” Junior Animator
Amatuzio (née Millot), Laura (camp cleanup and laundry)
Amos (née DeBeeson), Beryl (m. Beryl Pandit), Airbrush Artist
Amos, Homer, Animation Checker
Appleby, James “Jim,” Assistant Animator (picket captain)

Armstrong, Jim (camp police)
Armstrong, Tom, Animator (treasurer of Guild’s Disney unit)

Atencio, Xavier, Assistant Animator

Ayers, Evelyn (m. Evelyn Grant), Inker
Babbitt, Art, Animator (negotiating committee; president of the Guild’s Disney unit)
Baker, George, Assistant Animator

Baldwin, Barbara Wirth, Department Head—Airbrush/EFX (boycott committee)

Baldwin, James Howard, Animation Cleanup Supervisor (strike steering committee)
Barbour, Emily, Airbrush Artist and Painter
Barnes, Tom

Barron, John N., Assistant Animator (kitchen duty)

Baskerville, Lucille, Special Effects
Battaglia, Aurelius, Story Sketch Artist
Baur, Franz, Inbetweener (night duty)
Bedell, Nancy (m. Nancy Massie), Inker
Berman, Ted, Assistant Animator
Bertino, Albert, Assistant

Biggs, Gene R., Trainee
Blair, Preston, Animator
Blake, John Hudson, Assistant Animator

Blotter, Ernest “Ernie,” Color Model Artist

Bock, Miriam, Airbrush Artist and Painter

Bonnicksen, Ted, Animator (picket captain)

Bosustow, Stephen “Steve,” Animator (picket captain)

Bradbury, Jack, Animator (kitchen duty)

Bream (née DeForest), Eleanor (m. Eleanor Bream-Peck), Painter

Bronson, Vonda Lee (m. Vonda Lee Wise), Inker

Brown, Eileen, Inker

Brown, Jerome “Jerry,” Assistant Animator

Buckley, Jack, Assistant Animator (kitchen duty)

Busch, Paul, Animator
Cannata, George, Assistant Animator

Carmichael, Jim, Layout Artist (picket captain)
Case, Brad, Junior Animator

Caspary, Gretchen (m. Gretchen DeStefano), Ink & Paint

Christensen, Don, Story Artist (strike photographer)
Cika, George, Trainee (picket captain)

Clabby, Jim, Assistant
Clapp, Dorothy, Painter
Cleworth, Eric, Assistant Animator (mimeograph)

Clinton, Walt, Animator (sign committee)

Cobean, Sam, Story Sketch Artist (strike leaflet office)

Coe, Al, Assistant

Coleman, Kathryne, Painting and Color Models (leaflet checking)

Coles, Helen (leaflets)
Collins, Jack McClain, Trainee
Couch, Glen, Assistant Animator (picket captain)
Cox, Rex, Story Artist (steering committee)
Coyle, Kathleen (m. Kathleen Klune), Inker
Davis, George, Assistant Animator

De Beeson, George, Animator
De Grasse, Robert “Zeke,” Assistant Animator

De La Torre, Bill, Assistant

De Pew, Mary Ann, Airbrush Artist

De Mattia, Edward “Ed,” Assistant Animator
Devirian, Cliff, Story Sketch Artist

Dempster, Albert “Al,” Background Artist

Ditullio, Robert “Bob,” Trainee
Doe, Bart (a.k.a. Peter Jay; real name Pete Alvarado), Assistant Animator
D’Orsi, Ugo, Effects Animator
Douglas (née Hanna), Evelyn (m. Evelyn Mehring), Inker (leaflet checking)

Drake, George, Assistant

Duncan, Phil, Animator (camp chairman)

Dunn, Ed, Animator
Dyson, Russ, Assistant Animator (picket captain)
Eastland, Henry, Trainee

Eastman (née Whitham), Mary Louise “Mary Lou,” Color Model Supervisor (strike office)

Eastman, Phillip “P. D.,” Story Sketch Artist

Edgington, Bill, Trainee

Elstad, Rudolph “Rudy,” Inbetweener (kitchen duty)

Elton, Leslie “Les,” Assistant Animator (mimeograph, publicity)

Engel, Julius “Jules,” Inbetweener (kitchen duty)

Erwin, Martha Jean “Jean,” Painter

Escalante, Jim, Effects
Evans, Genevieve, Painter
Fagin, Maurice “Maurie,” Assistant Animator (camp kitchen: lunch)

Fernandez, Juanita, Inker (cooking and service)
Fitzpatrick, Paul, Effects Animator (strike photographer)
Fourcher, Betty (purchasing)
Fourcher, Edwin, Assistant Layout Artist (camp kitchen)
Freeman, Earl, Assistant Layout

Garbutt, Bernard, Animator (strike transport)
Gardner, Viola, Inbetweener
Gayek, Joseph “Joe,” Assistant Animator

Gesteland, Robert “Bob,” Assistant Animator (kitchen duty)

Gibson, Blaine, Assistant (camp kitchen duty)

Giroux, George, Assistant (picket captain)

Glas, Sherman, Animation Checker (in charge of carnival)

Gleeson, Catherine, Inbetweener

Gollub, Morris “Mo,” Assistant

Gorham, Barbara A. (m. Barbara A. Chaddock), Paint Laboratory

Gould, Jay, Inbetweener

Grable, Fred, Assistant Animator

Graham, Margaret, Paint Laboratory

Grant, Bob, Comic Strip Artist

Gray, William “Bill,” Assistant Animator (leaflets; recreation & education)

Griffin, Betty, Transparent Shading Artist

Griffin, Murray, Assistant Animator (strike photographer)

Griffith, Don, Layout Assistant

Griswald, Marie/Mary, Inker

Grundeen, J. Franklin “Frank,” Junior Animator (leaflets; sign committee)
Gunther, Bob, Assistant Animator

Gurney, Eric “John,” Junior Animator (picket captain)

Hammer, Betty, Transparent Shading Artist (leaflet checking)

Hamsel, Harry, Effects Animator

Hansen, Eric, Background Artist

Hanson, Helen, Inker
Harbough, John, Assistant Animator

Hartman, C. L., Inbetweener

Hawkins, Emery, Animator

Haupt, Khent, Paint Laboratory

Hazelton, Gene, Story Sketch Artist

Heimdahl, Ralph, Animation Training Supervisor (camp kitchen duty)

Herwig, William “Bill,” Layout Artist (picket captain)
Hilberman, David, Layout (secretary of Guild’s Disney unit)
Hiser, Gifford “Giff,” Inbetweener

Holahan, Jean, Inbetweener
Holt, Benjamin “Ben,” Inbetweener (picket captain)

Holt, Harry, Animation Cleanup Supervisor

Hubbard, Allen “Al,” Assistant Animator (picket captain; camp sanitation)

Huber, Jack, Assistant Animator

Hubley (née Ross-Sewell), Claudia (m. Claudia Danielson), Color Model Artist (strike office)

Hubley, John, Background Layout (strike documentarian)

Huebner, Ray, Assistant Animator

Hultgren, Ken, Animator
Hurtz, William “Bill,” Assistant (negotiating committee)
Ishii, Christopher “Chris,” Assistant James, Marcia, Effects
Jardan, Mary, Airbrish Artist (leaflets)

Jennings, Rixford “Rix,” Inbetweener (camp maintenance)

Jones, Volus, Animator

Joy, Phillip “Phil,” Assistant Animator (leaflets, night duty)

Karas, John, Inbetweener (night duty)

Karp, Hubert “Hubie,” Comic Strip Gag Man (mimeograph)
Karp, Theodore Lynn, Animator level #8 (camp kitchen)

Kaufman, Van, Animator

Kawaguchi, Masao “Mike,” Trainee

Keil, William “Bill,” Assistant
Keil, Jeanne Lee, Prime Inker (strike office)

Keller, Lew, Layout Artist

King, Hal, Animator

Klein, Phillip, Assistant
Koller, Viola, Painter
Kopietz, Fred, Animator
Kornfeld, Herbert “Herb,” Assistant (leaflet checking)
Kossoff, Paul B., Effects Animator

Kreisl, George, Assisant
Kulsar, Ethel, Story Sketch Artist

Lambertson, Mannette, Painter

Lambertson, Phyllis, Airbrush (VP of Guild’s Disney unit; negotiating committee)
Lanagan, Bruce, Inbetweener
Lanham, Arden, Assistant
Larsen, Jack, Assistant (sign committee)

Legg, J. Gordon, Background Artist

Levitt, Edward “Ed,” Background
Lewis, Fran/Frann, Shading Painter (strike office)

Lockrem, Ray, Background

Long, Carmeleta, Painter
Long, Paul, Inbetweener
Love, Edward, Animator
Lucke, Theodore “Ted,” Assistant

Lusk, Donald “Don,” Animator

Lynch, Ernest, Assistant

Mack, Brice, Background Artist (camp kitchen: breakfast)

Madison, Fred, Animator
Mallery, Clarke, Inbetweener
Marino, Rocco, Trainee
Marion, Mario, Inbetweener
Marshall, Kathleen “Kaye” (m. Kathleen Silva), Inbetweener

Massey, Tom, Animator
Massie, Reginald “Reg,” Assistant (camp sanitation)
McCarthy, Dennis, Story Artist

McClellan, Murray, Animator (negotiation committee)

McColley, Virginia, Painting Supervisor

McCorkle, Bill, Animator (theatre committee)

McCormick, Robert “Bob,” Inbetweener (leaflets)

McDermott, John Richard “Dick” (a.k.a. J. M. Ryan), Junior Animator (picket captain)

McElmurry, Charles O., Inbetweener

McGugin, John, Animation Checker

McIntyre, William “Bill,” Assistant

McLeish, John, Story Artist (leaflets)

McSavage, Frank, Junior Animator (mimeograph)

Melchione, Hugo, Trainee

Melendez, Bill, Assistant (camp sanitation)

Menges, Charles, Assistant Animator (picket captain, publicity)

McQuaide, Jack, Animation Checker (picket captain)

Miller, George, Assistant (leaflets)

Moore, Art, Assistant
Moore, Paul, Inbetweener

Moorehouse, Marjorie, Shadow Painter (strike office)
Moran, Marjorie, Inbetweener

Morgan, Roger, Inbetweener (picket captain)
Morley, Richard “Dick,” Trainee (camp kitchen: dinner)
Morrison, L. Dean, Animation Checker

Murray, Margaret, Assistant
Muse, Kenneth “Ken,” Animator (sign committee)
Nevius, Gerald “Jerry,” Background

Nicholas, George, Animator
Noble, Maurice, Background
Nolan, Edward, Assistant
Noonan, Daniel “Dan,” Junior Animator

Okamoto, Tom, Trainee
Onaitis, Franklin, Effects Animator

Orcutt, Alice (m. Alice Rinaldi), Shading Painter

Otterstrom, Charles “Chic,” Junior Animator

Page, Janet (m. Janet Keller), Inbetweener

Parmelee, Ted, Assistant (picket captain)

Parr, Jack, Assistant

Partch, Virgil “Vip,” Assistant (camp sanitation)

Patin, Ray, Animator (strike documentarian)

Patterson, Don, Animator Level #8

Patterson, Ray, Animator
Patton, Earl, Assistant
Peed, William “Bill Peet,” Story Sketch Artist

Perkins, Curtiss “Curt,” Story Sketch Artist

Peterson, Kenneth, Animator (steering committee; negotiating committee)

Pignataro, Joseph “Joe”
Pike, Miles E., Effects Animator (strike leaflet office)

Porter, Henry “Hank,” Publicity and Comics (camp kitchen duty)

Pratt, Hawley, Assistant (camp kitchen duty)

Price, Daniel, Animation Checker

Prosk, Gerald, Assistant (strike playwright; performer of “Walt”)

Pursel (née Downs), Ruberna, Airbrush Artist
Pyle, Willis, Assistant Level #5 (strike leaflet office)
Quon, Milt, Assistant (sign committee)

Reden, Morey, Junior Animator
Reese, Bill, Animation Checker (leaflets)

Rice, Fred, Assistant
Ritchie, Jean, Inbetweener
Rickert, Douglas “Bud,” Background

Rinaldi, Joe, Story Sketch Artist (mimeograph)

Riswold, Art, Trainee
Rivera, Tony, Story Sketch Artist

Robin, Archie, Junior Animator

Robinson, C. K. “Ed,” Assistant (campkitchen duty)
Roemer, Robert, Assistant Checker

Roether, George, Assistant
Roman, Dunbar “Dun,” Story Artist

Rosene, Russell D. “Russ,” Jar Washer

Rossi, Mildred “Milicent Patrick,” Assistant Animator

Ruohomaa, Kosti, Assistant (strike photographer)
Ruse, Per “Pete Hansen,” Assistant

Ruse, Tota, Painter (strike office)

Ryan, Vivian K., Inker
Sabo, Joseph L., Story Sketch Artist

Salkin, Leo, Animator (strike photographer)

Sarbry, Jay S., Assistant

Schloat, G. Warren Jr., Animator

Schmitt, Louis “Louie,” Animator (camp kitchen duty)

Schnerk, Jack P., Assistant

Scott, W. Arthur Jr., Assistant (picket captain)

Scott, Walt, Layout Artist (picket captain)

Selby, Margaret, Paint Laboratory

Sewall, John “Jack,” Animator (picket captain)

Shaffer, Armin R., Animator Level #7

Shaw, Charles “Chuck,” Assistant (sign committee)

Shaw, Dick, Trainee

Shaw, Molly, Inbetweener

Shrimpton, Gloria (m. Gloria Van Doren), Inker
Shrimpton, Joan E. (m. Joan E. Wilson), Inker
Shull, William M., Animator
Siegal, Jack, Story Layout Artist

Silva, Freeman, Assistant
Simmons, Grant, Animator
Smith, Betty Louise (m. Betty Smith Totten), Inbetweener
Smith, Claude Jr., Animator (picket captain)
Snyder, John Vincent “Jack,” Assistant

Standiford, Edward Vance* * Identified solely from strike footage
Starbuck, Joe Jr., Junior Animator

Stark, Dwight V., Assistant
Stetter, Al, Assistant (camp kitchen duty)

Stevens, Arthur C. “Art,” Assistant Stevens, George, Assistant
Stimson, Marie, Inbetweener
Stirrett, Marion Wylie, Background Artist
Sturm, William A. “Bill,” Junior Animator

Svendsen, Julius, Assistant

Swift, Howard, Animator

Tanaka, James “Jim,” Assistant (mimeograph)

Tanous, Henry, Assistant

Tate, Norman “Norm,” Animation (leaflets)

Taylor, Happy, Paint Laboratory

Terrazas, Ernest “Ernie,” Story Sketch Artist
Terri, Louis “Lou,” Junior Animator (picket captain)
Thorne, Sidney H. “Sid,” Assistant

Timmins, Reuben, Effects Animator (picket captain)
Tobin, Don, Effects Animator
Toles, Helen M., Painter
Totten, Robert “Bob,” Assistant
Tucker, J. Noel, Effects Animator
Tytla, William, Animator
Van Benthem, Richard “Dick,” Assistant

Van Horn, Ivy Carol (m. Ivy Carol Christiansen), Inker

Van Pelt, Viola, Inker

Wallett, William “Bill,” Story Sketch Artist (art sale co-organizer)

Walsh, Stanley L. “Stan,” Assistant

Waltz, John, Effects Animator

Weaver, William T. “Bill,” Assistant (picket captain)

Webster, Barbara, Inbetweener

Weeks, Clair, Assistant (camp kitchen duty)

Wells, Art, Inbetweener (sign committee)

Whitaker, Wetzel Orson “Judge,” Animator

White, Lew, Trainee
Wiggenhorn, Bard, Assistant
Will, James, Effects Animator

Williams, Alfred “Bill,” Assistant

Wilson, Fred, Paint Laboratory (camp maintenance)
Wilson, William W. “Bill,” Assistant (strike transport)
Witt, Vernon G., Effects Animator

Wright, Karran Eccles “Kay E.,” Assistant

Wood, Cornett, Effects Animator (leaflets)
Woolery, Ade Daniel, Animation Checker
Young, Bob (camp health)

Young, Cyrus, Animator
Zima, John, Inbetweener (camp maintenance)

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