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NLRB v. Walt Disney Productions
Testimony: Day 3 of 7
October 12, 1942

Witnesses for the Prosecution: Art Babbitt, Dave Hilberman, Phyllis Lambertson,

      Franz Baur, Jean Ritchie, Herb Lamb, William Pomerance, Chuck Jones

The Board displays Babbitt's contracts and invite a slew of witnesses that either testify to Babbitt's superior skill, or to the company's questionable actions.

Pages (as notated in the top corners)

315 – ART BABBITT presents his Contract clauses

342 – The November layoff

347 – Babbitt's civil court case

350 – Salary adjustment

352 – DAVE HILBERMAN testifies in praise of Babbitt

361 – PHYLLIS LAMBERTSON testifies about Walt's speech on February 11, 1941

370 – NLRB amends charge, but judge is not concerned.

375 – FRANZ BAUR's testimony as a traffic boy when Lessing had confront him for information.

384 – JEAN RITCHIE describes the final Federation meeting (*a real firebrand!)

403 – HERB LAMB testifies writing Babbitt a letter of recommendation to the Marines

417 – BILL POMERANCE testifies trying to resolve the November layoffs with O'Rourke

423 – CHUCK JONES testifies in praise of Babbitt

435 – PHYLLIS LAMBERTSON describes Walt refusing to negotiate with Babbitt present.

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