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NLRB v. Walt Disney Productions
Testimony: Day 1 of 7
October 8, 1942

The Prosecution

Charles M. Ryan

Louis Stein


Art Babbitt,      Dave Hilberman,

Phyllis Lambertson,     Franz Baur, 

Jean Ritchie,      Herb Lamb,

Bill Pomerance,       Chuck Jones,

Bob Clampett,   Frank Tashlin,     Bill Hurtz

The Defense

Gunther Lessing

Jackson W. Chance

Homer I. Mitchell


Harold Adelquist,      Anthony O'Rourke,

Bill Roberts,        Wilfred Jackson,

Dave Hand,     Jack Kinney,     Dick Lundy,

Gunther Lessing,       Walt Disney

Witness for the Prosecution: Art Babbitt

On this first day of the trial between Art Babbitt and the Disney company, Babbitt spends the day in the witness's stand.  He recounts his personal experience in the industry and at Disney, how he and Gunther Lessing came to co-create the Federation of Screen Cartoonists, the Federation's downfall, and Babbitt's enrollement with the Screen Cartoonists Guild.

Pages (as notated in the top corners)

   1 – Index

  9 – Objections and Stipulations

30 – ART BABBITT describes his personal history

38 – Babbitt's interpretation of the Disney production process

45 – Babbitt's role at Disney

58 – The instigating threat of Bioff and the IATSE in December, 1937

77 – The Federation's first meetings

105 – The role of supervisors in unions

109 – The birth and certification of the Federation, and Roy's refusal to negotiate.

117 – The IATSE's infiltration of Disney's camera department

121 – The Federation chairmen agree to disband ("let the Federation die").

124 – Walt learns of the Guild in Hollywood and pushes the Federation to block it.

143 – Babbitt's involvement with the Guild and the negative consequences at work.

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