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Who's Who
in the
Disney Strike

The images below are color-coded as to who, at the start of the strike, is aligned with the strikers (the Screen Cartoonists Guild) versus the loyalists (the Federation of Screen Cartoonists and their successors)

WW SCG.png
WW Federation Logo.png


Baur, Franz – A traffic boy at the Disney company, and Guild meeting attendee

Baldwin, Howard – Striking Disney animator, member of strike's Negotiation Committee

Bodle, George E. – Attorney for the Guild (partner with Yager)

Clark, Joe – VP of Brotherhood of Painters, Decorators, & Paperhangers of America

Janofsky, Leonard– Screen Writers Guild's lawyer, the Federation's first lawyer until he presumed the Federation to be company-led

Lamb, Herb – Production Control Manager at the Disney company

Lambertson, Phyllis – Guild negotiating committee & vice chairman of the Guild's Disney unit

McClellan, Murray – Striking Disney animation Asst, member of strike's negotiating committee

Peterson, Ken – Striking Disney animator, member of strike's Negotiation Committee

Pomerance, (S) William K. – Representative and Business agent of the Guild following the Disney strike

Ravin, Rita – Secretary for the Guild, member of the strike's negotiating committee

Ritchie, Jean – Ex-secretary of Federation, striking Disney inbetweener.

Schrader, Lyle – International representative of the Brotherhood of Painters, Decorators, and Paperhangers of America

Walsh, Walsh – Los Angeles regional director for National Labor Relations Board

Yager, George A. – Field examiner for the NLRB (partner with Bodle)


Baumister, Jim – Artist at the Disney company, member of Federation negotiating committee

Caldwell, Verne – Supervisor of public relations in charge of publicity at Disney company

Christensen, Grace – Head of Ink & Paint at Disney

Garrity, Bill – Production engineer, personnel capacity at Disney company; production control manager in 1937

Hand, Dave – Disney studio supervisor since 1936

Kinney, Jack – Director for Disney: Pinocchio, Goofy shorts since 1940

Lundy, Dick – Animator ('32-37, '38-'39) and director('37, '40 on) at Disney company

Jackson, Wilfred – Director at Disney company since 1930

Morris, George E. – Secretary-Treasurer of Disney company

Nater, Carl – Partner with Adelquist, negotiating committee at Disney company

O'Rourke, Anthony G. – Director of labor Relations at Disney company since February, 1941

Painter, Howard – Legal Counsel for Federation of Screen Cartoonists, ca. February, 1941

Pierce, Perce – Director, Disney company

Pressley, Hugh – Personnel manager ca. 1941 at Disney company

Sharpsteen, Ben – Production supervisor at Disney company

Smith, Dorothy "Dot" – Head of Ink & Paint at Disney company

Spreckels, Walter P. – Labor consultant for Disney, April 1941.; immediately prior was Los Angeles regional director for NLRB

Ward, Leo – Attorney for the Federation as voted in 1940

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