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NLRB v. Walt Disney Productions
Testimony: Day 4 of 7
October 13, 1942

Witnesses for the Prosecution: Bob Clampett, Frank Tashlin

Witness for the Defense: Harold Adelquist

We finish up with professional accolades for Babbitt from Warner Brothers cartoon directors. The defendant's chief witness, Hal Adelquist, takes the stand.

Pages (as notated in the top corners)

445 – BOB CLAMPETT praises Babbitt and defends his reputation for being difficult.

454 – FRANK TASHLIN praises Babbitt.

461 – HAROLD ADELQUIST describes himself and his duties as Personnel ("casting") Director.

467 – Adelquist's description of how production works at Disney, from Story to Direction to Animation to Ink & Paint, to Music Checking and Cleanup, Camera, Processing, and Soundtrack.

497 – Adelquist on Robert D. Feild's book

498 – Adelquist's friendship with Babbitt

500 – August 1941, following the strike

502 – May 1941, leading up to the strike

504 – August and September, 1941

509 – The November layoffs and the following grievance meeting.

543 – Babbitt's time at the studio from September 17 through November 24

558 – Adelquist's request to Babbitt in March 1941 that he leave union talk outside the studio.

572 – Time Cards

578 – Babbitt returns after the strike

581 – Arbitration's salary plan

584 – CROSS-EXAMINATION: Job of a Checker, Traffic, Assistant Director, and personal details

592 – Addressing how more strikers were laid off than non-strikers (*a shouting match begins)

605 – How projects were delivered late when Babbitt was not given assignments

611 – How Babbitt was asked to correct "How to Fish" and supervise Geppetto animation.

623 – Guild officers were dominated by non-strikers after the strike

627 – Some non-strikers Les Clark were on the layoff list.

628 – "Baggage Buster" paled.

629 – Developing Geppetto

630 – Some strikers were not on the layoff list, which was OK'ed by a non-striking Guild board.

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