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NLRB v. Walt Disney Productions
Testimony: Day 2 of 7
October 9, 1942

Witness for the Prosecution: Art Babbitt

Babbitt continues his description of the bitter days that led up to the strike, as well as the strike itself and the months following. At Gunther Lessing's objection, he laughs out loud. Babbitt elucidates more details of the studio in an attempt to prove that he was considered a valuable employee and that his termination was purely discriminatory.

Pages (as notated in the top corners)

158 – ART BABBITT says Walt threatened to throw him out of the studio

161 – Walt told Babbitt his lack of assignments was because no directors wanted to work with him. Babbitt asked each director individually and they denied this.

166 – Guild voted to strike if Walt didn't meet to discuss layoffs (* Babbitt laughs at Lessing)

174 – Babbitt gets thrown out of the studio

180 – The Disney strike

193 – In August after the strike, Babbitt gets no assignments. Both sides want to get along

206 – Meeting with Lessing during the strike

212 – November's layoffs and lack of assignments for Babbitt

218 – Animator Classifications at Disney

230 – November layoffs

233 – September meeting between Disney and the Guild

236 – Babbitt's contracts

245 – The Bonus Plan and stock options, 1934-1940

253 – The Disney art class and Babbitt's lectures, 1932-1941

260 – Babbitt's credits (*including a Fantasia sequel)

278 – Slack periods at the studio

280 – Steps to becoming a Disney animator

284 – Working with Dante Quinterno in Argentina

291 – Working at Schlesinger's and enlisting in the U.S. Marines, with Herb Lamb's letter of rec.

301 – CROSS EXAMINATION. More on Quinterno

304 – November arbitration and Bill Pomerance

308 – Janofsky, the original Federation lawyer

310 – Babbitt's grievance of wrongful termination in November

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